Russian power of will in the ad campaign of Nike
Russian power of will in the ad campaign of Nike Dec 2, 2013

The ad campaign is named as Just Do It – PLAY RUSSIAN. It's a rare content among popular (it's already popular) ad projects. In most cases advertisers tend to work with tropical landscapes and hot sexy beauties or something like that. This time it's a full-scale advertising activity aimed to promote winter products for winter country which Russia really is.

An ad campaign from Nike is about a wide range of its uniforms for winter sports – from hockey to quite extremal types. Like football when it's played on open air in Russian December...

The visual line offers us to watch coming and going chain of various sport persons (real Russian famous persons like Alexander Ovechkin who is now a professional hockey player in NHL). Their interchange on the screen comes with very interesting background – it consists of a whole multitude of typical Russian realias like old Soviet cars on the streets or fields of abandoned military aircrafts.

The visual line of the commercial works together with good musical load. An entire feeling is very dynamic and it really transfers Russian winter and a strong will of Russian sportspeople to win.

Within an ad campaign Nike launched a special site wh ere it asks people to share photos of their sport activity in winter circumstances.


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